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The West Yorkshire Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club meets at Cleckheaton Sports Club on the last Wednesday of each Month.  For more details please see the Events Page

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Monday        6pm-11pm


Tuesday       6pm-11pm


Wednesday  6pm-11pm


Thursday      6pm-11pm


Friday           4pm-12am


Saturday      12pm-12am


Sunday        12pm-8pm



Constitution adopted by the members of the Club at the
44rd Annual General Meeting held on 1 September 2014


  1. Title
    1. The name of the Club shall be CLECKHEATON SPORTS CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the Club.
  2. Objectives
    1. To provide facilities for the playing of Rugby Football, Cricket and Crown Green Bowls to the rules as laid down by the respective Governing Bodies.
    2. To have appropriately trained coaching staff, to ensure that each player is given equal opportunity to develop skills to the extent that their ability permits.
    3. To encourage the participation of all Club members in the administration of the sports, and the general activities of the Club.
  3. Membership & Subscriptions
    1. Membership shall be open to all, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status and sexual orientation.
    2. All members are subject to the current Constitution of the Club, and the regulations of each sport's governing bodies.
    3. All applications for membership of the Club must be proposed and seconded by existing members of the Club, and forwarded to the Executive Committee on the appropriate membership form, accompanied by the appropriate subscription fee.
    4. The Executive Committee shall admit applicants to membership of the Club unless to do so would be contrary to the best interests of the sports or the good conduct and interests of the Club. Unsuccessful applicants for membership will be provided with the reasons for refusal upon request.  Any appeal against the decision of the Executive Committee shall be considered in accordance with the Club’s Grievance Procedure.
    5. The categories of membership shall be:
  • Life Member
  • Non-Playing Member
  • Student (in full time education)
  • Patron
  • Lady Member
  • Junior (under 19)
  • Playing Member
  • Pensioner (65 male, 60 female)
  • Corporate Member
  1. The Club will offer a family membership package consisting of up to two adult members and unlimited junior members.
  2. Life membership may be conferred by the Executive Committee to any Club member in recognition of outstanding sporting performance, or service to the Club. A life member shall have free membership for their lifetime, but is subject to the conditions of the Club constitution. The life membership status can be revoked by the Executive Committee should the Executive Committee decide that individual has committed a serious breach of the Constitution of the Club.
  3. Members in all categories except Junior and Corporate members shall be deemed to be Full Members with a vote at General Meetings and entitled to nominate eligible members to hold an Officer position.
  4. Subscription fees for each category of membership shall be agreed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  5. There shall be a two day interval between nomination and admission to membership of the Club.
  6. Subscriptions are due on the first of April each year.  Playing members who have not paid their subscription by the end of the 8th week from the first senior league game of the earliest sport in which they participate will not be eligible to play in any game until their subscription is paid.
  7. Membership of the Club can be revoked at any time by the Executive Committee should it deem the individual has committed a serious breach of the Constitution of the Club.
  8. Any playing member found to be using, or have recently been using a banned or illegal substance (as determined by the relevant sports governing body) shall have their membership suspended or revoked, and not allowed to take part in any playing, coaching, or training of any Club sport in accordance with the rules set down by the sports’ governing body.
  1. Trustees
    1. The Club shall have a maximum of four Trustees of the Club in whom all the property of the Club shall be vested and who shall represent, and act on behalf of, the members of the Club. No personal liability shall attach to any Trustee, except to the extent of such funds of the Club as may actually be received by him.
    2. The Trustees shall be Full Members and shall be determined at a General Meeting and remain in office during the pleasure of the Club.
    3. Only the Trustees may hold, purchase, or take on lease any land of buildings. Similarly may sell, exchange, mortgage, lease or build upon the land with power to alter or demolish buildings and rebuild.
    4. Only the Trustees may, when recommended by the Executive Committee, obtain advances of money for purposes of the Club, secured or not, as a mortgage against the real property of the Club, and agree such terms as to interest, and as to the time and manner of repayment.
  1. Officers
    1. The Officers of the Club shall be Honorary positions and consist of President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Each position shall be proposed and seconded by Full Members, and be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    2. The opening of nominations for the Officer positions shall be posted within the clubhouse at least 28 days before the Annual General Meeting.
    3. Only Full Members who have served on any of the Bowling, Cricket or Rugby Section general committees for at least 12 months shall be eligible to hold any of the Officer positions.
    4. Officers shall hold office until the next AGM subject to resignation or removal.
    5. Any Officer can be removed from his or her position by resolution of a Special General Meeting called for that reason. Such a general meeting shall be empowered to fill any vacancy caused by the removal, in accordance with paragraph 5.3.
    6. The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt for the remainder of the year any member, eligible under paragraph 5.3, in order to fill any vacant Officer position which may arise during the course of the year.
    7. No Club member may hold more than one Club Officer position.
    8. No club member may hold a Club Officer position and be a Trustee at the same time.

5.9       The roles of the Officers are as follows:

The President shall be responsible for chairing all General Meetings of the Club.

The Chairman shall be responsible for upholding the aims of the Club and ensuring the Club's continuity and shall delegate duties to members of the Executive Committee and sub-committees to those aims. The Chairman shall chair all Executive Committee meetings and present an annual report to the AGM. The Chairman shall ensure that all members' views are represented at the Club, and to this end may invite interested parties to attend relevant meetings or parts thereof. The Club Chairman will be a cheque signatory.

The Vice Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman in the case of vacancy in that office from any cause, and in case of absence or disability of the Chairman.  The Vice Chairman shall undertake activities as determined by the Executive Committee.

The Secretary shall prepare agendas and papers, keep copies and deal with all general correspondence within the Club and take minutes for all Executive Committee and General Meetings. Minutes shall be distributed to all members of the Executive Committee, the section Secretaries and the Trustees prior to the next meeting. They shall also be available to any member on request. The Club Secretary shall also be responsible for ensuring an Agenda and Annual Balance sheet is made available to members at least 14 days prior to each AGM.  The Club Secretary will be a cheque signatory.

The Treasurer shall keep a detailed record of the Club's financial transactions, administer insurance policies and claims, pay all due invoices and receive all due income. This shall be presented in a financial statement at each Executive Meeting, and as a full year’s financial account and balance sheet at the Club’s AGM. The Treasurer shall be responsible for recommending annual subscription for decision by the membership. The Club Treasurer will be a cheque signatory.

7.Executive Committee

  1. General Management of the Club’s affairs shall be vested in an Executive Committee which shall comprise the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and the chairmen of the rugby, cricket and bowls sections.
  2. The President shall also be a member of the Executive Committee and may attend at his pleasure.
  3. Each of these members shall have one vote at Executive Committee meetings. In the event of equal votes the Chairman of the Sports Club shall be entitled to an additional casting vote.
  4. Other members invited to attend Executive Committee meetings shall have no voting rights but their views may be taken into account.
  5. The Executive Committee shall have power to deal with the Club funds (in accordance with any agreement made by the Club Trustees), and to do all things necessary to maintain the Club ethos and its Sports, including the expulsion of any member whose conduct is deemed to be injurious to the character or interests of the Club.
  6. The Executive Committee shall aim to meet monthly. A quorum shall be four of which three shall be Officers of the Sports Club and any resolution will require a two thirds majority to be accepted.
  7. In addition to the Executive Committee, the rugby, cricket & bowls sections will each have their own committees who will be responsible for administering their respective sports, and ensuring players eligibility to play. Each section will determine the composition of its committee, and appoint its officers.
  1. General Meetings
    1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held by 31st August each year.
    2. A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Executive Committee, the Trustees, or upon written request to the Secretary by at least 25 full members of the Club.
    3. Notice of the General Meetings shall be posted in the clubhouse and on the Club Website not less than 28 days prior to the meeting.
    4. Any additional resolutions for General Meetings must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the meeting.
    5. A quorum for any General Meeting shall be 3 Officers and 15 Full Members of the Club.
    6. Decisions made at any General Meeting shall be by simple majority of votes from those Full Members attending the meeting by secret ballot. In the event of equal votes, the President shall have the casting vote, except in the event of a tied vote in the election of the President when the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
  2. Licensing
    1. The Executive Committee are responsible for all matters relating to the provision of alcoholic drinks within the Club.
    2. The Clubhouse shall be open and the bar open for sale of Excisable Liquor at times deemed appropriate and reasonable. The Executive Committee reserve the right to close the Clubhouse and bar at specific times which will be notified to the membership.
  3. Dissolution

Sporting Section

  1. In the event of the proposed dissolution of any sporting section, the Trustees have then the right to make the final decision on any such proposal after a two thirds majority vote of that section’s committee being achieved in favour of winding up.

The Club

  1. In the event of the proposed dissolution of the Club as a whole at least 75% of full members must vote at a General Meeting to dissolve the Club.
  2. In the event of the Club being dissolved and the club is wound up any surplus after paying all creditors in full will revert to the three Sports’ national governing bodies in equal shares.



  1. Any proposed alterations, in any way, to the Club Constitution may only be considered at an Annual or Special General Meeting. Any alteration, deletion, addition or amendment must be proposed and seconded by Full Members. Such alterations shall only be passed with the sanction of two thirds of the Full Members present, providing a quorum has been achieved.
  2. A copy of the Constitution shall be forwarded to each Full member on admission to the membership of the Club or subsequently on request.
  1. Grievance Procedure
    1. The Club shall hold a full Grievance Procedure. Any member having such grievance against the Club should in the first instance put this in writing to the Secretary.
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