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Morris Minor Owners Club

Monthly Meeting


The West Yorkshire Branch of the Morris Minor Owners Club meets at Cleckheaton Sports Club on the last Wednesday of each Month.  For more details please see the Events Page

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Cleckheaton Sports Club

The Pavilion



BD19 3UD


Call us on: 01274 873410


or contact us directly using our online contact form.

Opening hours

Monday        6pm-11pm


Tuesday       6pm-11pm


Wednesday  6pm-11pm


Thursday      6pm-11pm


Friday           4pm-12am


Saturday      12pm-12am


Sunday        12pm-8pm

Club Officers


President: Gary Blackburn


The President is the honorary head of the Club and is responsible for ensuring that the voice of the member is heard.  He ensures that all members' views are represented.


The President also chairs the AGM and any other General Meetings.

Executive Committee

Chair: Liz Bailey


The Chair is responsible for upholding the aims of the Club and ensuring the Club's continuity.  


As the name indicated, the Chair, chairs the Executive Committee which is responsible for the day to day managemen of the Club.


She also presents an annual report at the Club's Annual General Meeting.




Vice Chair: Steve Fletcher


The Vice Chair assumes the duties of the Chair in the event that the position becomes vacant or if the Chair is absent or otherwise unable to perform his duties.


The Vice Chair undertakes other activities and is responsible for the oversight of the management of the Bar Manager. 

Secretary: Matthew Stephenson

The Secretary is responsible for the preparation of agendas and papers, keeping copies and dealing with all general correspondence within the Club and taking minutes for all Executive Committee and General Meetings.


He is also responsible for ensuring all members receive the Annual Balance sheet prior to each AGM. 


Matthew Stephenson is also Subscriptions Secretary but this is not one of the roles of the Secretary position

Treasurer: Steve Midgley


The Treasurer keeps a detailed record of the Club's financial transactions, administers insurance policies and claims, pays all due invoices and receives all due income.


He presents this in a financial statement at each Executive Meeting, and as a full years financial account and balance sheet at the Club’s AGM.  The Treasurer is also responsible for recommending annual subscription levels. 

Chairman of Bowling: Stuart Johnson


The Chairman of Bowling is elected by the Bowling Section and represents that Section on the Executive Committee.




Chairman of Cricket: Ian Gatenby


The Chairman of Cricket is elected by the Bowls Section and represents that Section on the Executive Committee.



Chairman of Rugby: Neil Gillan


The Chairman of Rugby is elected by the Rugby Section and represents that Section on the Executive Committee



The Trustees are the actual owners of the club.  They act on behalf of the  membership as a whole representing their interests.


They are also the people who, in the name of the club, would agree to purchase lease, let, mortgage any land or take out any loans. 


The trustees are wise advisors and provide experience and guidance to the Executive Committee who keep them fully informed of the Club's activities.


There can be a maximum of four Trustees.  They are elected at a general meeting.


The current Trustees are:

     -   John Archer

     -   John Barraclough

     -   John Briggs

Other Officials of the Club

Subscriptions Secretary: Janice Walton


The Subscriptions Secretary is responsible for the collection of subscriptions from members, the approval process for new members and the maintenance of records relating to the membership of the Club.


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